my last livejournal post...

yes thats right. this will be my last post on live journal.

im kind of sad. ive been on here for YEARS, but i thought a change would be good.

but fear not. i will comtinue blogging. im moving over to TUMBLR now.

its way better than livejournal. MUCH MUCH MUCH more features. you can upload posts from your phone, computor, etc etc. i think its much better than live journal.

i wish i could convince all of you guys (people on my friends list) to move over there with me since i do enjoy reading everyones blogs. but if i cant, then i suppose i will come back and check in on all of you from time to time.

hopefuly you all come over to my new tumblr to check in on me too.


until then.

GOODBYE livejournal! ive had some good times with you. *tear*



I was so fucking anxious all day. waiting for the phone call... and i finally got it at 4:45...

*ring ring*
Me: Hello?
Job Person: Hi, may i speek with Ryan please?
Me: This is him
Job Person: Hello Ryan, this is layna calling from KEZR Mix 106.5 and K-Bay. how are you?
Me: Im doing great, how are you?
Job Person: Im doing good, i was just calling because I just wanted to let you know that your application has just been approved by my boss and we would like to offically offer you a position to work on our promotions team.


this is such an amazing opertunity. im so excited. words can not even describe how happy i am. not only did i get a job during a recession, but i got an AMAZING job to work for two very legit bay area radio stations. THIS IS GOING TO OPEN SO MANY DOORS.

im majoring in public relations, so this, for me, is a dream come true.

im so STOKED. i guess this means im leaving hollister for good now. kind of sad, but im to excited to care right now.




oh the irony...

it seems like almost everyone at work requested valentines day off. i dident though. i kind of figured i would be working since i was like, one of the few who dident request that day off. supprisingly though, i work almost everyday next week EXCEPT valentines day. go fucking figure... i was kind of hopeing i would be working since im hella single. haha whatevez.

maybe this will be a good opeurtunity to find one.

any takers? =P


waiting sucks

so yesterday was my interview with mix 106.5 and k-bay. i think i did very well. the people interviewing me were really friendly. it was actully one of the funnest interviews ive been too i think. only 25% of it was probably them asking me questions but the other 75% was just them talking about the job and all the fun stuff they do.

they said they would call me on tuesday to let me know if i got the job...


in the mean time, im SOOOO anxious. time is going by so slowly. i want this job so bad. and if i get it, im taking everyone out. no joke. this is such a good opeurtunity. i hope i get it...

moving on...

i still need to buy tickets to see wicked. some of my friends saw it allredy. ive wanted to see it for like, what FIVE YEARS now... luckily it will be here till june. so ive got time.

id love to see spring awakening again though.

valentines day is comming up. i dont have one. probably wont. but theres this guy whos kind of trying to hollar at me so who knows. im not really in the dating kind of mood though, but it might be fun to have a valentines day date.

right now i really want to find a good job, focus on school, and focus on my family.

im listening to "if you seek amy" right now.

this song is hella contagious.


holy fuck!

so i landed a really big job interview as a promotions assistant for two really big bay area radio stations. IM SO EXCITED!

the interviews are next week. EEEE. wish me luck! =]



spring semester has offically begun. for the most part i like all of my classes. espically journalisim. two of my old friends from creek are in that class too. i can tell its easily going to be my favorite class this semester.

other than that not much else has happend in the past two days.

i do however have an upcomming audition. its kind of a big one too. actully i dont even really want to say much else about it because im afraid ill jinx myself. but im preparing two songs to sing and a comedy monolouge. its a little over a week from now. im kind of nervous, because i REALLY want to land this gig.

OH also, my family is looking into get a new doggy for the house. a little pug actully. =] we turned in applications to adopt one today.

i need to clean out my computor...

later everyone!


ive been watching the office a lot. ive become addicted.

gloria and i have been renting all the seasons. were almost all caught up. were half way through season 4 right now.

ive been loseing track of time. i was late to work this morning. but ive been working there for so long they kind of just let it go as long as i stay later and make up the time. i dont make a habbit of it though. i TRULLY forgot i had work this morning. i was supposed to start at 8 and be off at 1. but i got there at 8:30 which means I was going to stay till 1:30.
i dident mind so much though. despite what I may say about how boring my job can be, i do enjoy it a lot, and the people i work with are great.

luckily the juke box in the store wasent working. which is good because the music we play sucks AND its loud. it was kind of odd though because the store was so silent. people kept walking into the store and asking "are you guys open?" LOL.

around 12 my manager asked me if i could stay till 3. so i said yes. i figured the extra hours wouldent hurt. later she asked if i could stay till 4. and then later she asked if i could stay till 5.

in total i worked 8 hours today. it went by VERY slowly. but i dident compleatly mind. it was kind of fun. my co worker saundra came in at 3 and noticed it was silent in the store, so she pluged in her ipod and started playing the new britney spears cd. if our district manager would have walkend in i think he would have shit a brick. but it was HELLA FUNNY.

none of the customers seemed to mind... or care.

school starts on tuseday. idk if im redy. i feel like i need more time off. but at the same time i feel glad to go back. as stressful as school may be sometimes, i enjoy it because it keeps me busy.

im taking an online class this semester. astronomy. im kind of nervous. idk how well i work with do it yourself type of stuff. my schedule goes as follows this semester.

Journalisim 10 - M/W 9:15 - 10:40
Intro to Algebra - M/T/W/T 10:45 - 11:50
Astronomy 10 - Online
Astronomy Lab - T 6:00 - 9:15

its not too bad now that i look at it. i was thinking of adding a yoga class or something. i probably wont. lol but i like my schedual this semester because ill be out before noon most days. which means i will still have most of the day to do whatever. i kind of planned it that way because I want to have time to do things like go to the gym. one of my new years resolutions.

i want to go 5 days a week. ive been doing pertty well for the past 3 weeks lol. i also want to audition for a play. thats another one of my resolutionts. get back into acting and singing and stuff.

i think im out of things to say. so i suppose ill end it here.