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waiting sucks [Feb. 5th, 2009|07:33 pm]
Ryan Carlos
so yesterday was my interview with mix 106.5 and k-bay. i think i did very well. the people interviewing me were really friendly. it was actully one of the funnest interviews ive been too i think. only 25% of it was probably them asking me questions but the other 75% was just them talking about the job and all the fun stuff they do.

they said they would call me on tuesday to let me know if i got the job...


in the mean time, im SOOOO anxious. time is going by so slowly. i want this job so bad. and if i get it, im taking everyone out. no joke. this is such a good opeurtunity. i hope i get it...

moving on...

i still need to buy tickets to see wicked. some of my friends saw it allredy. ive wanted to see it for like, what FIVE YEARS now... luckily it will be here till june. so ive got time.

id love to see spring awakening again though.

valentines day is comming up. i dont have one. probably wont. but theres this guy whos kind of trying to hollar at me so who knows. im not really in the dating kind of mood though, but it might be fun to have a valentines day date.

right now i really want to find a good job, focus on school, and focus on my family.

im listening to "if you seek amy" right now.

this song is hella contagious.